06 August 2014

What made me smile today

Let me round up some of the random things that made me happy today:

1. Chumbos Twirls. I know, it's such a small treat. But I've been addicted to them ever since I found out they existed and I've been eating them everyday.

2. Lettice Rowbotham audition. This girl can play! My dream instrument is a violin and seeing her play it makes me want to learn violin in my next life. 

3. And of course my kid. She's so talkative lately and she sometimes doesn't make sense. She'll say something along the lines of "Bati tayo ah pero di kita bati". 
4. This exchange from My Ex From Hell by Tellulah Darling. They are so cute, I can't help but smile whenever I read a conversation between them. They are so sarcastic, I love it! 
"Don't really have a choice, do you? If you want to make it right for him, you have to save humanity. To do that, you have to stop the war on earth." 
"And to do that, I have to help you take over." 
He smoothed away a strand of hair that had fallen in my face. "Would it be so bad?" 
I tried not to shiver under his gentle touch.
 "Don't know. No idea what it entails. Don't even know how we do it."
 Nervously, I smoothed my comforter. He tucked the strand behind my ear and leaned in close. 
"Two become one." It took a minute for the penny to drop.
 "Sex?!" Disappointment flickered in Kai's eyes. I guess my incredulous tone of voice hurt his poor ego.
 "Yeah, sex," he said flatly, moving back. "Big bang, honey." 
"Ahhh!" I covered my ears, embarrassed. Yes, and fascinated.
 "I thought we touched foreheads." Kai shrugged. 
"If that's some kind of euphemism for orgasm, then sure. We touched foreheads." 
I swatted him away. 
"You know, maybe goddesses don't care, but a girl like a gesture or two before she hops into bed with someone." 
"No bed," he pointed out. 
"It was always outdoors for you." 
I steeled myself against the deliciously naughty images running through my head and tried to stay on point. 
"Gestures like flower. Or chocolates. Maybe even a date to actually get to know the guy before she just gives it up." 
Kai swore. "Give it up? Are you a virgin?" Said like it was leprosy. 
 "Yes." I jutted my chin out. "Got a problem with it?" "In general, yes."
 He sighed heavily. "Guess I'll have to take one for the team." 
"Pressuming it's you, smart guy." He didn't look pleased at that. "It will be."
 "That a threat?" "Just a fact, Sophie Bloom. Don't play jealousy games with a god." He got up and stalked off.
How about you, what made you smile today? 

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