Review Policy

Hi, thank you for checking this page. That only means one thing, you accidentally clicked the link and is now looking for a way out. But in the off chance that you intentionally clicked it, well then thank you. I would like to let you know that I am now accepting review requests from authors & publishers.

The genres I read are as follows:

ADULT (Contemporary, Paranormal and Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Mystery & Romance)



I accept books in both physical and digital format (epub, pdf & e-galley) Please take note that I live in the Philipines.

Kindly allow time for me to read the book and post a review. Hard copies are prioritized.

Lastly, I reserve the right to decline/accept from reviewing a book depending on time constraints, the book's content etc.



I loved it! Gripped me from the start. I want more!
Don't just sit there! Get a copy. RUN! NOW!

I liked it! Enjoyed it immensely. 
Breathe, stand up and brisk walk to the nearest bookstore.

I think it's alright. There were some really good parts.
You can just sit tight for now and grab this book tomorrow.

It's okay-ish. There were some really bad parts.
You can probably wait til Christmas or until someone gives it to you.

No. Don't even bother moving. Or breathing for that matter.

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