31 July 2014

my top 5 books

I've just bought the ebook copy of Fight Club and have been trying to finish it for the past three days. I don't know, I feel like I should lock myself in a room in order for me to really get into it. Every time I've tried to read it I always end up doing something else, like laundry or writing this post. It's just that everytime I look up it feels like I'm in a different part of the book each time. But I blame this solely on my inability to focus. Sorry Chuck Palahniuk (how do you pronounce this?). So in line with this, I decided to list the books that have affected my life somehow, you know the ones that you remember when you look back at a certain period in your life. 
Here they are:

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by of course J.K. Rowling. Now, don't be mean, I know almost everyone in my generation who loves to read have this book on their list. But allow me to elucidate on why this book is on mine. 
I remember when my mom bought this book for me I think sometime in 2000 (see what I did there?) It wasn't that well-known yet and I really have no idea what it was about, all I knew then was that it has a pretty cover and I like magic. I remember smelling the pages (yes, I smell the pages of a book even magazines) It smelled really good I tell ya. 
I love the other Harry Potter books as well but if not for the awesome precendent that the first book achieved then the rest of the books will just be nothing I guess. I remember the awe I felt when Rowling swept me into this world of made up words and made up monsters. It felt like the first Transformers movie but better. 

2. Wander Girl by Tweet Sering. This one right here was a case of reading a book at the right time. I was exactly where Hilda Gallares was when I read this. Not having any idea on what to do with my life. I envy her for having sisters she can hang out with however I made up for it by having wonderful friends. I enjoyed reading Hilda's struggle in finding her passion. This book actually helped me choose what to major in. I asked myself what I wanted to do, what am I good at, etc. There's some good bits about relationship as well that I was able to take note of.  
Bottomline, I'd have my daughter read this but probably not right away. I'll wait til she's 30.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
Ironically, this book right here was the reason I had to take summer classes freshman year. We had to write a book review and bottomline is I didn't. I had this preconceived notion that whatever is in this book, I'm probably not going to be able to understand it. It just seems too heavy. Mind you, I was just looking at the cover then. How heavy would it be when it's a tree with a bird inside? I don't know, I was pretty messed up back then. Fast forward a couple years, I decided to read it again. It seems like a simple story at first about a father raising his two kids, Jem and Scout. But then you read on and there's a little bit of everything in it. Love, justice, honesty, fairness in life, racism, acceptance and a lot more other things. The story is beautifully written and the characters are very special. 
I'll probably read it again soon.

4. Boy's Life by Robert McCammon. I can't remember exactly if it was bought by my mom or me. But I'm pretty sure we bought it off of a book sale somewhere. This book just makes you want to be a kid again. I don't know but it feels like magic even if there aren't any on the book. Seriously, this book is a mixture of coming of age and mystery and whole lotta stuff. There are a lot of exciting adventures and it keeps making you wish to go back to your childhood and relive the magic of it. 

5. The Rainmaker by John Grisham. I wanted to be a lawyer. This book made me want to become a lawyer even more. It deals with a minority of people battling against a big corporation and the courage that this lawyer had in order to win. However it also talks about ambition and the reality that it's good to help but it's even better if you're recognized for it. I was pretty young when I read it, so I remember feeling really smug that I finished it and understood it at the same time. Because that rarely happens now. 

I read different types of genres in books. But that's about the only difference I notice. Because for me, books will always be that one thing I have that I know I wouldn't need a lighter to enjoy. 

21 July 2014

Happy People: My Blog Loves

To start things of, I want to round up my blog influences. The people that have managed to change lives through opening up their own. I've started reading blogs since I knew that there are a lot of interesting people out there (aside from me that is). They are in no way arrange in any order, all of these people here have managed to affect either my views, my writing, my taste etc. And they are all important in their own right. So, to start things off, here's my ultimate all-around girl crush, Ms. Patty Laurel-Filart.

 I've been reading her from pattylaurel.blogpsot.com to dapattylaurel.blogpsot.com and now to her own domain (yey!) pattylaurel.com. I feel like I grew up with her. I know, it's kinda creepy. Haha! All of my college friends would swap stories about the things we've read on her blog. She has been our "idol" because she is very relatable, funny and such a real girl. We've all been looking for someone to emulate and Ms. Laurel definitely fits the bill. I've been following her career from being a UAAP courtside reporter to an MTV VJ and then to being a Breakfast host. The one thing I always end up feeling when I read her blog is HUNGER. Haha! Anyways, even before she's hyphenated, I've loved her and will continue to do so. Next up is of course the ever beautiful Ms. Daphne Oseña-Paez.

 You know those people who you think don't ever sweat or smells bad? Well this lady right here is one of those people for me. She is just so classy. I already lost hope of being her in this lifetime since when people see me all they can think of is sweat and bad smells. Total opposites I tell you. She converted me to reading her blog since she was one of those beautiful women on TV late at night. Remember F? Of course you do. I used to stay up late waiting for their show to come on. I love reading all her accomplishments on her blog and how she manages to be a mom to three kids and a wife at the same time. She's like a super person. Superwoman. She makes me feel like there's hope for me yet. Moving on, we have my favorite boy blogger, Bryan Boy.

 One of my college reads. This boy's life is like a fairytale and God bless him for taking us all on that journey. I am by no means a fashion forward person but reading his blog makes me feel like I'm one. I love that he's come so far from being a blogger and is now such a major name in the industry. I love that he's so honest and real on all of his posts. You'll see everything to everyone in the fashion industry on his blog. From his signature wardrobe choices to his signatured "f*ck me with a fruitcake" expression, his blog is truly such a treat. It's like reading a magazine for free. 
Now  onto my next blog love, it's none other than Ms. Saab Magalona. 

 This girl is sfunky. It sounds bad right, coz I tried to see if spunk and funky would work but obviously it didn't. Sorry for that. I started reading her blog way back in college. I also felt like I grew up with her since I remember rooting for her when she joined the Seventeen Favorite Model Search 2005. She was never just Francis Magalona's kid for me. She was this über cool kid who has awesome taste in music and books. I'm grateful that until now she continues to share her sfunky side.
Now last on the list is Ms. Bianca Gonzalez soon to be Mrs. Intal. 

Now we have PBB alumni Ms. Bianca Gonzalez. The first time I saw her was probably when she was a co-host at Wazzup Wazzup. Do you still remember that? I loved that show. I started reading her blog shortly after that. Before Big Brother got to her, she was my tumbling-shot-travel read. I love reading her different post on the places she's been. Aside from having a major crush on her brother, teehee, I loved her even more when she hosted Y Speak. This girl can definitely speak her mind and she's proven that she can hold up her end when it comes to hosting. She also influenced my advocacy for providing better education for our children. Over all she's been an amazing idol and I'm looking forward to more awesome things from her. So that's it for this list, I know that all of these people are already famous but I swear that they are really  my first loves when I started blogging. Go ahead and check them out if you haven't already :)