04 August 2014

Introducing: My Daughter

         I had her when I was 22. I consider that an achievement, thank you very much. Haha! But seriously, I wasn't ready to be a mother when I found out I was pregnant. Which I realized later on is stupid since being ready highly correlates with having sex. I was at that stage in my life where everything starts and ends with me being drunk, I know, as Yoda would say it "mother of the year I am not". Well the good thing about babies is that they come out whether you're ready or not. I met her one beautiful exhausting day in March. She was this big fat faced baby weighing almost 8 lbs. I loved her on sight. Everything prior to that moment seems to only lead up to this day with me holding this beautiful person in my arms. Yes, you've read, heard, watched this before. But nothing prepares you for the overwhelming feeling the first time you see your child. I was scared shitless to be more accurate. I figured I had to do a lot of growing up , and I had to do it fast. It wasn't very hard to give up on things that weren't any fun to begin with, e.g. drinking, passing out, etc. The most challenging part of parenthood for me was the financial side of things. We didn't have any savings when I gave birth, I was scared that she might end up not having the things she needs. But God has been very good to us. He gave us people who'll help us through the toughest of times. He even gave us another family to love and cherish. I consider us lucky because we were able to come this far. Given the chance I would've wanted to have a kid when we're emotionally and of course financially ready. But I don't have any regrets nor will I have any concerning her. My daughter will always be that sunshine in the midst of all the negative things in this life and therefore my ultimate happy pill which I'll never get enough of.

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