06 November 2014

Author Interview: Siobhan Davis

This is my first author interview! Clap if you're happy for me. I'm amazed that we now have a way to contact authors directly. I'm even more amazed that they allow people like me to pick their brains. Ms. Siobhan Davis has willingly agreed to be my first victim. Mwahahaha. I'm a huge True Calling fan, and I almost didn't ask her for the interview because I want her to focus on getting book two ready for me. I mean for us, her readers. Hehe. Please join me in welcoming her and I urge you, no, I'm demanding you to grab a copy of True Calling. Now! You can read this later :)

1. Did you always know that you wanted to write a Sci-Fi book?
    No! When I first started writing fiction, in my early thirties, I wrote lots of chicklit/romance, and I secretly harbored an ambition to write crime/thrillers. Mostly because those were the genre’s I was reading back then. Around this time, I started working for an Irish-owned IT company and my interest in technology piqued. Then I got sucked into the YA genre, and I’ve read lots of dystopian science fiction and for me, and my writing, it was organic from that point. I’ve always loved sci-fi movies and TV series, and I am a massive Star Wars fan, so it feels most natural for me to write science fiction now. Though it has to be said, I am not into reading or writing hardcore sci-fi, and I veer more towards soft science fiction.

    2. Would you always write about this genre? If not, what other genres are you looking to get into?
      Primarily I am focused on writing in the YA genre at the moment, though most of my WIP’s are science-fiction related. However, I also have an idea for a historical fiction novel and a contemporary YA romance. Moreover, I still harbor notions, at some point, of writing crime.

      3. What exactly about Science Fiction do you like?

      I love imagining what the futuristic world will be like, and trying to second guess how technological and medical advancements will shape the culture and society of the future. I consequently enjoy delving into the emotional aspect of change, and how future advancements will impact human relationships and emotional connections. That’s equally as fascinating to me as the more scientific elements.

      The universe is vast, and so much is still unknown and unexplored and as a writer, that opens up limitless creative opportunities.

      I am particularly enamored with stories that are set in space. I think it all stems back to my early childhood obsession with the Star War series, and I am also quite partial to Star Trek and Dr. Who.

      To think that commercial space-travel will be realized during my life-time is truly incredible. 

      4. What's your favorite Sci-Fi book?

      Can I pick two, if that is not a cop-out?

      A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is up there at the top of my list of classics. Written in 1931 it describes a frightening vision of the future, and I think Mr. Huxley was ahead of his time in his thinking, and analysis. It has been many years since I’ve read it, and I have just decided that I am going to re-read it as part of Sci-Fi November. I am really looking forward to getting reacquainted with this book.

      My second favorite is The Hunger Games series. Those books just blew me away.

      5. Sci-Fi movie?

      No contest here – it is Star Wars all the way. I’ve passed my obsession along to my children, and only recently re-watched all six movies with my youngest son. I never, ever tire of watching them. George Lucas is a genius. I was ecstatic to discover that there’s a new movie in the pipeline, and it was thrilling to realize that they filmed some of it in Ireland recently.

      6. Sci-Fi character?

      I know this is predictable, given my penchant for Star Wars, but it has to be Princess Leia. She is the original, intelligent, kick-ass female sci-fi protagonist, and she definitely lit the path for others to follow.

      7. Would you want your kids to love Sci-Fi?

      Yes, and they do, which I love ☺ It is something we can share, and enjoy, together. It’s particularly important to me considering I fail miserably when it comes to sharing in their passion for all things football related!

      8. So lastly, what's your message to all sci-fi lovers out there?

      I love receiving recommendations for good sci-fi books and movies, so reach out to me with your suggestions. Also, if you’ve read my YA sci-fi novel True Calling, let me know your thoughts. You can contact me in the following ways:

      Email: siobhan@siobhandavis.com

      Twitter: @siobhandavis

      Facebook: TrueCallingBooks

      Blog: siobhandavisauthor.wordpress.com

      And for an awesome surprise! Here's a giveaway for you my Sci-Fi people:

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      1. Congrats on your first interview, Ana! Siobhan sounds like a great writer, too, and a very interesting person. And I can tell from your gushing that True Calling is a great book. I'd definitely read it. :)

      2. HOORAY! You never forget your first interview, and what an incredible job too! True Calling sounds incredible as well! There are a lot of science fiction types books in the YA market, but nothing of this caliber, we need more true scifi and it sounds like Siobhan might be leading the charge. Going to check this one out. Brilliant interview Ana, really enjoyed it <3

      3. Great interview Tara! I really want to read True Calling soon, your review and interview make me so curious about this book! As I already own a copy I didn't enter the giveaway, but I did tweet about it, so others have the chance to enter.

        Just like Siobhan I love Star Wars and it was one of the reasons I started liking sci-fi more. My favourite character of the movie is Annakin Skywalker, I liked seeing how he changed throughout the movies. I watched the chronological order, so maybe that's part of it.

      4. This is the second time I have seen this book come up and it looks wonderful. I need to remember to add it to my Goodreads account. Congrats on your interview!


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