19 October 2014

Random Questions Tag

I've been tagged by Jules @  The Book of Jules. Thanks for the tag, you're awesome!

1. Have you ever thrown a book?
Nope. I haven't had the pleasure. I'm kidding! 

2. Do you like lengthy books or short books?
Usually lengthy. I like that I have more time to spend with characters that I love. 

3. If you don't like a book, do you stop reading it or finish it?
I don't finish it at all. I don't even look at it. Remember it. Nothing. I figured there's a lot of other books out there, and why waste time on one that doesn't make my bells ring. (That came out wrong,sorry)

4. Do you stop reading when you're tired or when a chapter finishes?
When I can no longer hold onto my phone. Mid sentence. Mid word even. I'm so classy.

5. How do you organize your shelf?
Um. My husband keeps it neat for me. So I don't really know. Sorry, I suck at answering this things. 

6. Paperback or Hardcover?
Paperback. I don't know, but it smells better I think. 

7. What book can you not wait to read? 
My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories by a lot of authors.

8. A book you wish could be turned into a graphic novel?
Um, Fifty Shades of Grey? I'm kidding! It would have to be, The Blooming Goddess Trilogy by Tellulah Darling. It's action packed, funny and sexy.

9. A book that disappointed you?
The Great Gatsby. It's a good book but maybe the hype ruined it for me. Or maybe I just didn't understand half of what I was reading the entire time :)

10. What book made you cry recently?
The Collectors Society by Heather Lyons.

11. Do you prefer buying books online or going to the bookstore?
Bookstores. I love them! so much.

12. Do you prefer to listen to music while reading or to read in silence? 

In silence. Makes me focus more to the story. 

13. What is the weirdest thing you've ever experienced while reading a book?
People looking at me in a wtf way coz my face is all scrunched up while reading a part in a story that affects me. Reading is not good on a public transportation.  

14. What was your first fandom?
Harry Potter!

15. What fictional character do you relate to the most?
Alice Liddell in the Collectors Society. She's emotionally strong, sarcastic & quite funny. 

16. What fictional character do you wish you were more like?
Hermione. I would like to be smarter. Or just smart :)
17. If you could spend a whole day with five characters, who would you pick? 

Adrian Ivashkov from The Vampire Academy, Theo & Festos from The Blooming Goddess Trilogy, Alice Liddell and Finn Van Brunt from The Collector's Society. We're going to be a sarcastic bunch of people. I was thinking if I should just name boys, but that would reveal too much of my personality :)

18. What is a book that exceeded all of your expectations? 

The Collectors Society. It's my first Heather Lyons and I can't wait to read the rest of her work. 


  1. I haven't seen this tag before! Such fun questions, woot! XD I have nearly thrown a book...I can't remember why though, but obviously I was seriously angry that someone died or something. Hehe. I prefer paper backs to hold (they're more comfy) but hardbacks on my shelf (they are so gorgeous) WHAT IS A BOOKWORM TO DO? XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

  2. These questions are so cool... why didn't you tag me? Hahahaha! JK. I agree with a lot of your answers. I DNF books that I feel are not worth my time and I'm also super duper excited about My True Love Gave to Me. And reading in public transpo? HA! That totally makes me look like an insane person. I love this, Ana!


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